2024-04-07 11:03:09 -04:00

743 B Anniversary Edition, except not powered by anymore, and with many less bugs. This monorepo builds

  • The backend
  • A QEMU VM runner package (feel free to steal it)
  • Shared components
  • The webapp (TODO)


$ yarn
$ yarn build:service # Build the service
$ yarn build:frontend # Build the webapp



  • Edit webapp/src/index.ts to point the websocket URL to an appopiate place
  • Build the service and the webapp (tip, see the above section)
  • copy webapp/dist (excl. .map files) to an applicable webroot
  • Run the backend, optionally with systemd service things (MAKE SURE TO SET NODE_ENV TO PRODUCTION.) (also proxy it for wss please)

... profit?